What I do / Makes me tick? (TL;DR)

  • Backend Web Developer
  • Overall fan of PHP
  • Tech enthusiast
  • Raspberry Pi hacker

Want to know more?

My name is (if you haven’t guessed) Greg Holmes. I am a backend web developer for an an online estate agent in Colchester, England.

I have been a professional developer since 2011, having previously worked for what used to be a well known and active VPN company, HideMyAss.

As well as web development, some technology that has caught my attention over the years has been the Raspberry Pi, starting off with making use of them to create:

  • an internal web server
  • an IRC bouncer
  • a VPN server
  • even a retro pi to reminisce over the games I played as a kid.

Following these smaller tasks, I’ve been involved in creating:

  • a magic mirror (currently only in its infancy in terms of functionality),
  • a game boy pi

Note for those retro fans, I hadn’t used an existing game boy, just the shell of what could have been a GameBoy

I’m always happy to talk about raspberry pis and the projects people do with them! Please feel free to contact me just to chat about what you’re working on with your Pi.

I am a reptile enthusiast / hobbyist. Over the years, I have kept various snakes and lizards. As well as various species of inverts such as tarantulas, assassin bugs, praying mantis and so on.

You can find me on several platforms including: